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National Building Inspections was founded in 2000, by professionals dedicated to providing accurate information. Our information is gathered from field surveys and conveyed through detail engineered reports. Our philosophy; “Protecting what Mattersâ€, is why we give the most comprehensive and encompassing inspections and reports.


National Building Inspections has inspectors from all walks of life. Our inspectors are made up of engineers, technical managers, property managers, environmental professionals and builders. All of NBI’s inspection personnel are certified in the various disciplines of the inspection business.

Quality of Inspections

NBI’s personnel are certified to perform Property Condition Assessments, Phase I Environmental, Radon, Well and Septics, Pest Inspections, Bank Draw Inspections, Fire and Casualty Inspections, and Loss Control Assessments. Our Executive management team has over a 100 (Hundred) years of combined experience when it comes to inspections. NBI’s professional team of inspectors have performed over 10,000 Residential/Relocation Inspections, 4,000 Commercial Assessments, 3,500 Bank/Insurance Inspections and 6,500 Radon/Septic/Well/Pool-Spa/Pest/Inventory Inspections. NBI also has a division for “Municipal Code Compliance†Inspections. By performing this amount of inspections, NBI has the most experienced staff in the industry.

We Do It All

It is important when selecting an inspection company for a residential or commercial property, you not only find a company that is fully certified in all disciplines of the inspection business, but it is also important to find a company that is fully insured. National Building Inspections carries $1,000,000 Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions Insurance) from a prestige insurance company: PCIA (People, Companies, Insurance, Advisors).


National Building Inspections has also developed a curriculum for teaching both Commercial and Residential Inspections. Their curriculum was designed by two certified teachers that provides the new inspector with all the knowledge and certifications to properly perform the client’s inspections. Our philosophy of “Protecting Your Investmentâ€, is why we take extensive measures to train our staff and keep them abreast of the changes and new technologies in our industry.

Commercial/Residential Radon

National Building Inspection’s Radon teams are fully certified to perform both Residential Radon Testing and Commercial Radon Testing for Schools, Municipal Buildings, Office-Industrial building and Daycares to name a few. NBI Certification #103151 RT State of Michigan radon link http://nrpp.info/providers/103151.html Radon link. http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,4561,7-135-3310_4105_4196-127015–,00.html


National Building Inspectors have many affiliations with different certifications and have served on several Industry Committees. One of NBI’s executive managers has served on the World’s Electrical Standards Committee, which combined NFPA standards to IEC standards to make one universal electrical standard; while other executive management hold building licenses or an engineering degree. Our inspectors have/had affiliation with ASTM, NEA, NITCH, SAE, CIAA, NFPA. NBI’s affiliation with these organizations has helped in the development of our inspectors to perform stellar Property Condition Assessments (PCA). Whatever our clients need inspected, National Building Inspections is fully capable of handling those needs. In addition, whether you are a municipality requiring code verification, a buyer of commercial or residential property, a bank releasing funds for a new construction project or an insurance company verifying loss opportunities; National Building Inspections will engineer a report that will provide you accurate information in a timely manner. National Building inspections has a team of inspectors around the United States that can provide you with the most accurate information that substantiates their field reports.

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