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North America has gone through some tough economic times that have affected many hard working men and women. Corporations have either asked many to take early retirement, buyouts, or pay cuts, and some have just completely laid their employees off.

Those of us who are great optimists with a positive attitude view this time to look around at the various opportunities before us. National Building Inspections is a leader in performing commercial and residential inspections. Those with an entrepreneur’s outlook will find a rewarding career in establishing a local NBI franchise. Although a number of cities and states may be suffering economic decline, or high unemployment, the inspection business continues to flourish as financial institutions have a growing need to fill their records with accurate information to justify the funds they are lending.

It is important when affiliating yourself with a company, that they provide you with three solid entities to assist you in being successful.

  • Complete training programs
  • Solid marketing plans
  • A never ending array of products that the market requires

National Building Inspections fulfils all three criteria and continues to establish themselves in the inspection industry in North America as being the leader when providing accurate information that clients need.

Whether you worked in manufacturing, the retail industry, the service industry, or for one of the “Big Three,†if you have an eye for defective devices, and an ability to learn about structures, a career with NBI will provide you with a new professional opportunity.

Change is always stressful, NBI will provide you with a comprehensive program that will alleviate that stress and put you on the path to owning your own business.

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