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Insurance & Catastrophic Loss Inspections

NBI’s team can provide inspections to ensure that hazard insurance claims and funds for damaged residential and commercial properties are properly disbursed and appropriately utilized to repair and improve the subject property.

Upon client request, NBI will send a qualified inspector to review existing damages, interview the occupant, and determine the percentage of repairs completed at the property. NBI inspectors will provide clients with a detailed report and photographs of all components of the damaged and repaired items.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

When you are confronted with an insurance claim regarding your home or business structure, it is always prudent to have a third party perform a property condition assessment. NBI’s team has over a decade of experience in writing reports and performing such an inspection. NBI will document all damages, and record those damages via a photo log. NBI’s team members are experts in assembling the information that will substantiate your claim.

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