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NBI Property Condition Assessments are engineered reports, performed in accordance with the ASTM Standards of Practice E2018. PCAs are sometimes referred to as Property Condition Reports, Physical Needs Assessments, Physical Condition Assessments, or Physical Condition Surveys. A PCA is a visual and non-destructive assessment of the site and grounds, structural systems, the exterior surface including doors, windows, and signage, roofing systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and interior components, and pool/spa equipment where applicable.

Depending upon the size and complexity of the property, NBI provides an expert team to accurately assess the condition of the property as well as all components related to that property.

The purpose of a PCA is to evaluate the performance of the principle building systems. The secondary purpose of a PCA is to assign preliminary capital expense budget line items for observed currently deficient conditions and projected budget line items for elements of the facility which are expected to exceed their estimated useful lives (EULs) within a five-year projection (excluding physical plant expenses associated with normal operations, modifications, or interior finish issues).

NBI provides a Due Diligence Report ©™  for a PCA which includes detailed descriptions of the existing physical components, observed current conditions in need of repair, immediate repair or replacement cost projections, five-year projection of anticipated major capital costs, color photos, and suggested licensed contractors.

Other services are available upon request in addition to your PCA. Our services include FHA Accessibility Compliance Evaluations, complete research of government records for building or fire code violations on file, and many other services. Upon request NBI will perform ADA compliance, OHSA standard compliance and a review of capital equipment such as cranes, vehicle washers, generators, elevators, and more.

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