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National Building Inspections Franchising Oppurtunities

Finally a franchise that can train you to be a professional commercial property assessor AND a home inspector! You can grow your business at your own pace; starting with home and graduating into the commercial inspection arena. This would assure new levels of growth each year. No other franchise has the ability to market to the home and commercial industry like NBI.


A number of National Building Inspection’s founders proudly served in our armed forces, with some of them serving in the Vietnam War and other conflicts around the world. Collectively, we at NBI want to commend the men and women who have dedicated their lives, and their youth to defending The United States of America. We would like to show our gratitude by helping any person serving in the Military during the War in Iraq or Afghanistan, an opportunity to own a franchise with little or no out of pocket costs.

Career as NBI Inspector

Those of us who are great optimists with a positive attitude view this time to look around at the various opportunities before us. National Building Inspections is a leader in performing commercial and residential inspections. Those with an entrepreneur’s outlook will find a rewarding career in establishing a local NBI franchise. Although a number of cities and states may be suffering economic decline, or high unemployment, the inspection business continues to flourish as financial institutions have a growing need to fill their records with accurate information to justify the funds they are lending.


NBI prides itself by working very hard at the corporate level to encourage banks, insurance companies, and large corporations to use our organization. We have also established some unique reports that help our clients collect the data that they are requiring to make an informed decision. Both of these entities are always troublesome to an independent businessman in the field. NBI assumes the responsibility for this, and making contact with the client for report requirements.

Training to Get You Started Off on The Right Foot

NBI provides franchisees with hands on training by an experienced NBI inspector. This gives new franchisees peace of mind as they begin their own inspection business.
Our two-week inspection course gives you all the critical training you will need to perform excellent property inspections including:


  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Framing
  • Roofing


  • Software training
  • Report writing
  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • and much more!

Your Blueprint to a Successful Franchise


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur looking to establish a business, an existing inspection company looking to enhance revenue, or a veteran looking to break into the business world after having served your country, NBI can enhance your professional business life through certification, marketing, education, and technical support from NBI’s market research department.


National Building Inspections is at the forefront of marketing and advertising in the property inspection industry. NBI is constantly looking toward the future for new forms of advertising that appeal to your target market. From TV commercials, to blast emails and Website ranking and ads, NBI is always working on new and improved ways to help you grow your investment. NBI’s experienced marketing staff can assist franchises with all marketing questions and needs!


NBI’s Inspection Support team is always just a phone call away. NBI provides support staff seven days a week; we’re always here to answer inspection questions or even to discuss new industry ideas. NBI is committed to providing its franchisees with the most accurate and up-to-date information.


NBI provides all franchisees with a startup kit that will include commercial and home inspection brochures, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, letters of introduction, business cards, artwork, and advertising layouts.

National Building Inspections