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Foreclosure/Delinquency Inspections

At the request of a client, an NBI inspector will report to the subject property to verify the property condition including whether appliances will remain at the property, utilities have been maintained, debris has been removed, as well as notate any property damages with photo documentation. Any items required to place the property in marketable condition will be documented in a detailed report to the client.

Bank Property Condition Assessment

Many banks have assumed foreclosed properties with no idea as to the degree and cost of deficiencies. NBI’s team can perform a Property Condition Assessment which would include a complete written report on all the deficiencies and a photo journal that will substantiate those deficiencies. NBI will then prepare a line by line list of defective items along with estimated prices to “cure.” Along with that document will be local, licensed, reputable contractors that could perform the duties quickly to bring that property into saleable condition. NBI can be hired to do the property condition assessment all the way up to managing the property’s rehabilitation. Eliminating all headaches for both the realtor and the bank, and assuring a quick sale.

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