Pests, what are they?

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Pests, what are they?

Do you know that a pest can be an animal or insect that can cause problems for people? At National Building Inspections, we can inspect for many types of pests that can occur in a home. Below there are some definitions of common pests and when they are most destructive.


These types of pests feed off the blood of a host. Ticks are also vexatious to humans because they spread disease including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It will readily bite humans and our companion Animals. Ticks are commonly 3mm-5mm long with round bodies (like beans) and or flat with ridges around their abdomens. Ticks are active from early May-November.

Red Ants-Colonies

The Red Ants are usually seen building little piles of dirt in the cracks of driveways, or sidewalks, on concrete and asphalt. Red Ants are not poisonous but their bits can pinch. Large colonies are built with at least one queen ant laying eggs for a living, which allows for rapid reproduction. Red Ants are commonly 3mm-7mm long with red or brown coloring. Red ants are most active in the warmer months.

Carpenter Ants

Considered to be relatively large ants, these ants build their nests on the inside of wood. They can build colonies of up to 10,000 ants in wood piles, dead trees, telephone poles, sheds, under house insulation, or inside the walls of houses. These infestations can cause a lot of damage. The queen ant yields eggs rapidly and it takes little time for a small colony to grow into an enormous one. Carpenter Ants are commonly 6mm-13mm long with black and brown coloring. It is most common to recognize a carpenter ant problem during the winter months.


Termites are occasionally confused with winged ants. Winged male and female termites swarm and mate, usually in late summer and early fall. Colonies of this social insect occur in sound dry wood. Swarming occurs at dusk or early evening and they are attracted to lights, they also swarm during the spring and during the summer. It is estimated that more than 1 in 5 homes have been or will be attacked at some time by these voracious little insects.

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