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When it comes to your home inspection, you have a right to want to protect your investment by hiring someone who is looking out for you, the client.

Its true that some people in the Real Estate arena believe some home inspectors are “too picky” when it comes to the inspection. We have had some experiences that a Realtor or home owner will ask us to over look the “little things” or something they feel is unimportant. Last time I knew, we were hired by the purchaser to be as diligent and thorough as possible.

Many times, home owners and realtors will deter a home buyer from asking to repair or replace deferred maintenance issues. All items that are defective or need replacement/repair should be replaced and its the home buyers choice if they would like the current home owner to be responsible for those costs. Having these issues called out by the home inspector, is not necessarily a deal breaker but can be used as a negotiation tool for both parties.

It is definitely important to find the right Real Estate Agent to buy a home and sell your home; it is equally important to find the right home inspector when it comes to inspecting your home. There are several indicators to make sure the home inspector you choose is going to “Protect Your Investment”.

Homeowners should be responsible for the condition for the home they are selling, after all, they are asking for the most money possible according to comps in their area. We have seen often, a first time home buyer put an offer on a home contingent on an inspection. when the inspection is performed, its noted that the mechanicals have never been serviced and are beyond design life, their roof is leaking and has only been patched, driveways and sidewalks have cracks and trip and fall hazards and trees and vegetation is overgrown and affecting the home. Based on these conditions, the homeowner may walk away because this is a large investment and undertaking and many times the realtor will call the inspector, irate that they didnt “over-look” these “minor” items. Shouldnt these be things called out to let the new buyer know what kind of investment they are needing to make to bring this house a home.

Call National Building Inspections, we “protect Your Investment”, and do not “over-look” the small things. All deficiencies matter in our inspections!

-Kristin Butcher

National Building Inspections