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Thermal Imaging Inspections

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is the non-contact detection and measurement of infrared energy or temperature. All objects on earth, hot or cold, radiate infrared energy. Thermal imaging is the fastest and most effective way of finding and illustrating the extent of building issues. It can be used to identify heating and cooling loss due to poor construction, missing or inadequate insulation and moisture intrusion. Correcting the defects plays a significant role in increasing building efficiency and structural integrity. Thermal Imaging allows building inspectors to see problems they otherwise would have overlooked, such as water penetration of roofs and walls, leaks in plumbing, electrical problems, and defects in insulation. The use of infrared cameras is not only the ability to detect hard to spot problems it also allows building inspector is to see problems before they can become serious issues.

Water Infiltration Detection!

One big concern that thermal imaging can help identify is mold. Mold has existed in our environment long before the recent awareness of its presence in homes and businesses. The impact of mold on health is dependent upon the concentration of spores in the immediate area and the allergic effect on an individual. Potential health problems associated with mold exposure can take the form of allergic reactions or asthma. The problem is not limited to homes. Commercial buildings with moisture accumulation due to condensation or leaks are a candidate for mold growth. The mold topic has reached such proportions that congress has introduced a bill titled “United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act of 2002″ also known as the “Melina billâ€. Thermal Imaging can assist inspectors in analyzing not just the amount, but also the source of this problem. Early discovery of moisture inside of a wall allows for an early, simple and inexpensive fix, which would not be possible after a prolonged exposure to moisture, which can create an inescapable problem with mold. It is far more economical to replace the small section of roof where a leak initiated than to replace the whole roof. Thermal Imaging can provide a quick and effective method of tracing moisture that allows the source of any leak to be readily determined.

National Building Inspections specializes in thermal imaging inspections for both residential and commercial buildings. National Building Inspections only uses the most reliable and highest quality infrared cameras and equipment available. To book an inspection with us either call us at 866-665-6022 or click the link below.

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