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We Do More Than Home Inspections!


It’s not just a house, it’s a home…

…a place to forge your dreams and future. The last thing you want standing in your way is a number of un-welcomed surprises! National Building Inspections is dedicated to taking the surprises out of the process, we provide Peace of Mind. Not only does NBI inspect homes but we offer a multitude of additional inspections including pools and spas.

Pool and Spas should be tested for proper working condition. Each pool and spa will be inspected for leaks and to ensure that the mechanicals are in good working order. The mechanical systems will also be inspected for outdated parts.

This inspection can be completed at the time of a home inspection, but it may also be purchased on an individual basis if needed. Some components of your home should be tested annually or every 2-3 years to ensure proper working conditions depending on the component.

NBI Inspectors are trained to inspect all facets of a home or commercial building. We offer additional inspections such as Radon, Well/Septic, Thermal Imaging, Pest and more! Call or email an NBI inspector to find out what type of inspection fits your needs. We provide you and your family Peace of Mind!

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