Why do I need an inspection?

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When buying a home or commercial property, a common question we hear is…â€Why do I need an inspection?†Most buyers think they have enough common sense to see what is wrong with the property on their own. So what are some important reasons to have an outside party to do an inspection?

Rose colored glasses

Many buyers decide to purchase a property because they are in love with it. This can cause bias and the buyer may see past many of the flaws or problems simply because they want so badly purchase the place they have chosen. It is important to always find an inspector who has no investment in the property who can do a thorough, unbiased inspection.


If you hire a reputable inspection company, their inspectors have been through rigorous training and certifications. Each inspector learns what items to look for and how to tell what items are failing or out of manufacturer’s life cycles. NBI has gone through additional training to specialize in areas of inspections such as pool/spa, pest and radon.


Pictures. Always hire an inspector who takes photos of major components and defects of the property. Photos can be used to negotiate prices based on cost of repairs as well as help a buyer to budget money for on-going maintenance.

It’s in the Print

Be sure to hire an inspector who gives you a written report of all major components and defects of your property. An inspector should be willing to discuss his/her findings not only in a written document but also in person. A written report will allow the buyer to have a documentation of the property they are purchasing that includes components from foundation to roof.

Additional Inspections

An inspection is more than just the aesthetics of the property. From the foundation and the grading, to the attic and the roof, and everything in between; an inspection should be all inclusive. There are also additional components that are important during the time of the initial inspection. Radon, septic, well, thermal imaging, pest, pool/spa, sprinkler system and much more! Be sure to hire an inspector who does a complete and comprehensive inspection. Buying a home can be stressful, but with the help of your inspector you can get everything you’ll need to buy the property at the best price and with peace of mind!

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